There are so many reasons to love the sea! I was lucky enough to grow up living by the sea, Endless days spent at the beach, Surfing as much as I could, Rowing out on the river Dart. I never really appreciated living by the sea it was just something I was use to I suppose I took it for granted really. This was until I moved to London. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved living in the city, but after 6 years I really began to feel the effects of living in the city, the pollution use to make my eyes stream and I use to suffer from hay fever like symptoms all year round as well as suffering from migraines. It wasn’t until I use to return back home to Devon and spend a long weekends by the sea, that I noticed how all these symptoms use to disappear. I felt a great sense of energy being by the sea, it cleared my mind and I just felt really well.

Since having lived back now in Devon for nearly two years I can honestly say that the fresh sea air has made all the difference. As well as being a great source of inspiration for running an online beachwear brand. I think its really important to live the lifestyle as I know exactly the type of products clothing and accessories that you need for living by the beach.

I have listed below some of the proven medical conditions that living by the sea can really helped to improve.


Going for a quick swim in the salty seawater can be great if you suffer from skin conditions like psoriasis. Seawater is a repository of minerals such as chloride, sodium, iodine, magnesium, sulphur and potassium, many of which have curative effects on the skin. Many People have sensed lessening of symptoms after going for a swim in the sea. Old wives tales also prescribe sulphur and iodine rich sea water for its antiseptic properties, which can heal skin lesions.


The sea air contains mist of saline water, which seems to have a soothing effect on the respiratory system. So people suffering from conditions like sinusitis can benefit from breathing the balmy sea air.


Have you wondered why you feel relaxed when you visit the beach? The sea air is laden with negative ions, which can have mood-enhancing properties. A research concluded that negative air ionisation associated with the sea breeze resulted in lower depression scores. The negative ions also help by improving our oxygen intake and balancing levels of the feel good hormone serotonin.


People living in dull and gloomy climes generally face more vitamin D deficiency than those who live close to the coast. A house by the seaside means you have more of the sunshine vitamin that can ward off some of the most dangerous modern- day diseases.


Many people swear by the soothing sounds of nature to alleviate problems like sleeplessness, anxiety and depression. It is proven that nature sounds particularly that of birds, sea and the sound of crashing waves on the shore can help.


A good exercise regime is important for overall health. But did you know that you could get more benefits out of your exercises if you were to do it close to the sea. Coastal proximity, or staying close to the sea, increased your chance of being fitter and healthier than the rest, thanks to the higher level of physical activity among coastal dwellers.

Now I know not everyone is lucky enough to live by the sea, but make the most out of your weekends and take a trip to the coast. The UK has some spectacular coastline to explore. So Grab a blanket and a cooler bag and get out there at Diamond Beach we have you covered for your day at the beach exploring.


There is nothing more invigorating than spending time by the sea with friends and family. Have a fabulous time!

Love Diamond Beach xx