The final days of warm weather are upon us and if your anything like me you are desperate to hold on to that lovely summer tan all year round.

So if you want to keep that colour into autumn, here are some clever tricks and products to make you keep that summer feeling for as long as possible.

After all a beautiful golden tan can help you look and feel more confident all year round.

Cool showers

Hot baths can dehydrate skin, leading to faster peeling. Stick to cool showers and use a moisturizing shower oil to really lock down your colour. We love the Jo Malone Peony and Blush suede shower oil £32.00


You get a tan when the sun stimulates the production of a pigment called melanin in your skin, which colours the top layer. This layer sheds approximately every two weeks, so to ensure that all your skin cells are at the very start of their cycle, have a vigorous body scrub before you go away on holiday or before you apply any self tan. A particular favorite of ours is the Clarins Exfoliating body scrub for smooth skin £30.00. If your on a budget a great alternative is to make your own try mixing rock salt and honey and with a pair of exfoliating gloves to apply to your body, will do the job just perfectly.


There is no better way to hang onto your gorgeous summer skin than by liberally applying the moisturizing lotion. Post holiday you should upgrade your standard moisturizer to a body butter and apply every day. A couple of our favorites are. Estee Lauders Bronze Goddess Whipped body cream, £34.00 Body shop Hawaiian Kukui cream £25.00 – Not only drenches the skin in moisture, it also smells of hot beaches and sun cream putting you right back into a summer state of mind.

Facial Self-Tan

Your face is the first thing people notice about you and a sun-kissed complexion makes you look healthier, and younger. Try the Elemis Total Glow bronzing moisturizer for face £30.00 this luxurious daily moisturizer works a treat on dry skin. Not only will it help build a healthy-looking glow, but also provides the perfect base for makeup.

Gradual Tan

The secret to extending your tan is to create a simple ritual that’s easy to maintain. A gradual tan is what’s is needed here: Something that is as easy as applying a body lotion straight after your morning shower, and get dressed without having to wait for it to dry. The subtle colour will enhance your tan without you looking too overdone and you can reapply every two days without streaks. Here at Diamond Beach HQ we reach for Tan Luxe- The Gradual £22.00 the weightless formulation smoothes, conditions and tones, subtly adding a super natural glow. Colour develops in just 1 hour leaving an undetectable flawless looking tan.


Use a bronzer like Charlotte Tilbury Film star and bronze £49.00 to help re -create that ‘spent the day at the beach’ look. The trick is to apply it to where the sun naturally hits like the forehead, temples, nose and cheekbones, rather than all over.

Drink Water

When skin dries out it flakes, so it will shed sooner rather than later. To ensure cells stay hydrated, you need to feed them from the inside as well as from the outside. That means keeping up your water intake, especially in the sun when you lose more water through sweating. Keeping hydrated also pumps and smoothes the skin.

A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet means a healthy glow. Almonds and brazil nuts are rich in high quality fatty acids and oils, reducing inflammation and aiding skin repair. That said, cut down on the sweet stuff and fill up on the likes of nuts, citrus fruit and green veggies, which all have multi skin cleansing qualities.

Various studies have shown that a diet rich in beta-carotenes (a type of red and orange pigment) can recreate the glow of sun kissed skin from within. The best natural sources are sweet potatoes, apricots, mangoes and especially carrots. So be sure to pack your meals with these sunshine coloured fruits and veg.


To give any remaining tan an extra bit of glow, layer on a moisturizer or oil that contains a slight shimmer. We love Vichy Ideal Body shimmering oil £22.00 a three in one, multi beneficial oil that works to rejuvenate and revitalize the body, face and hair.

An absolute must have product for us is the Charlotte Tilbury Super model body £45.00 not only does it give a slimming effect to the body, but its also enriched with FermiProtect to firm your skin and sculpt your contours. Believe us when we say that this is a wonder product. You can get long-limbed, glossy skinned perfection in minutes.

Wear White

Finally, it’s a tried and tested trick for giving the illusion of darker skin: simply wear white or a lighter shade next to your face. Our Rosie dress in white is just perfect for showing off your beautiful golden skin.

So just because the summer is over it doesn’t have to mean your tan is.

Stay Golden!!

Love diamond Beach